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– Wednesday, 26 June from 5:30pm to 7:00pm

The poster boards are A0-sized in portrait orientation.
We do not provide poster printing possibilities on-site; please make sure to bring a printed poster.

Poster presenters assigned to Monday (Wednesday) are asked to remove their posters by Tuesday evening (Friday morning). 

We are happy to announce the best poster award of 500 EUR.

The winner is

Sailalitha BOLLEPALLI.

EpiSmokEr: An Epigenetic Smoking status Estimator. [PDF]


TitleDayIDLast NameFirst NamePDF 
3D MRI Brain Tumor Segmentation based on U-NetMonday13ZHOUTongxueDownload
(Conditional) mutual information estimation between mixed type variables for general causal network reconstructionWednesday516CABELIVincentDownload
A case study for the identification of cancer stages in breast cancerWednesday380GARALIImeneDownload
A Degeneracy Framework for Scalable Graph AutoencodersMonday180SALHAGuillaumeDownload
A Model-Based Reinforcement Learning Approach for a Rare Disease Diagnostic TaskWednesday364BESSONRémiDownload
A New Randomized Method for Solving Large Linear SystemsWednesday609GASANOVElnurDownload
A quantitative assessment approach of patch suturing in fetal surgeryMonday333JAVAUXAllanDownload
A Randomized Study in French Schools - Causal Impacts on Teacher Practices and Student PerformanceMonday232BELLUESuzanne
A Reduced Order Model using Machine Learning: application on car crash optimizationWednesday564ASSOUSoniaDownload
A stopping criteria for the EMQ algorithm in quantication learningMonday55CAELENOlivier
Accelerated Raman hyperspectral imaging for cancer diagnosisWednesday500CLÉMENTJean-EmmanuelDownload
Advanced Feature Selection for Power System Security AssessmentWednesday539BELLIZIOFedericaDownload
Advanced statistical approaches to tackle big and complex dataMonday7DIDKOVSKYIOleksandr
Adversarial training gives an illusion of privacy-preserving representation learningMonday289SRIVASTAVABrij Mohan LalDownload
AgnoS: Agnostic Feature SelectionWednesday486DOQUETGuillaume
AI for Patient Support: Predictive Model of Medication Non-AdherenceMonday247BICClemenceDownload
Alias Resolution Based on ICMP Rate LimitingMonday58VERMEULENKevinDownload
An email virtual assistant solution for customer servicesMonday56SHABOUAymenDownload
Analysis of Roll-Calls in EU Parliament (EP)Wednesday134ARINIKNejatDownload
Anomaly detection in constrained devicesMonday355ERHANLauraDownload
Approximate Dynamic Programming for American OptionsWednesday485KALEDINMax
Automated Mineral Classification from Hyperspectral Data through Semantic SegmentationWednesday665RODRIGUESAngelaDownload
Bayesian global optimization of light-induced dynamics of quantum many-body systemsWednesday668CHENYi-Jen
Beating the market is possible, when using GANs for investment strategies tuning and combinationMonday98KOSHIYAMAAdrianoDownload
Behavioral mechanisms of volatility monitoring during perceptual and reward-guided decision-makingMonday215BOUTÉJulesDownload
Biologically inspired alternatives to backpropagation through time for learning in recurrent neural netsWednesday480BELLECGuillaumeDownload
Bypassing summary statistics: a deep learning approach to infer population size historyMonday181SANCHEZThéophile
Can Who-Edits-What Predict Edit Survival?Wednesday546KRISTOFVictorDownload
Capturing epistasis with deep learningMonday32YEUNGMing WaiDownload
Character-Level Embeddings for String Categorical VariablesWednesday414CERDAPatricio
Combination of survey analysis and Machine Learning to understand customers’ needs Monday64GAVOILLESylvain
Competitive Intelligence from Public Data: Application to Facility LocationMonday26TEKINMuge
Concomitant Lasso with repetitions (CLaR)Monday18BERTRANDQuentinDownload
Contribution of class activation map on PET deep features for primary tumor classificationMonday238AMYARAmineDownload
Convergence of the ADAM Algorithm from a Dynamical Systems ViewpointMonday150BARAKATAnasDownload
Correlation ExplanationMonday8MUSTAFADawan
Counting people based on human motion in a live streaming webcam in public placesMonday9CASTRO XUMCristian
Cross-Device Search in E-CommerceWednesday549HENDRIKSENMariya
CT radiomic features: Extracting more information from medical images using advanced feature normalizationWednesday577REXHEPAJElton
Data driven medium term price forecasting using machine learning techniquesMonday308SHARIAT TORBAGHANShahab
Data Driven Root Cause Analysis for Highly Automated Production ProcessesWednesday520VANRAESAxel
Data Science in Human Genomics & Disease Risk PredictionWednesday375RUŽIČKOVÁNatáliaDownload
Decoupling feature extraction from policy learning: assessing benefits of state representation learning in goal based roboticsWednesday659TRAORÉRenéDownload
Deep learning to extract information from daily agricultural imagesWednesday512VELUMANIKaaviyaDownload
Deep neural network-based CHARME models with infinite memoryWednesday495GÓMEZ-GARCÍAJosé
Deep RL for algorithmic tradingMonday225BENHAMOUEricDownload
Deep-EDDIES: A Deep Learning Framework for Oceanic Eddy DetectionWednesday435MOSCHOSEvangelosDownload
Deepest neural networksWednesday536ROJASRaul
Dense 3D Reconstruction for Mixed Reality in Medical Training: Classical methods vs Deep LearningMonday68PROKOPETCKristinaDownload
Detecting encoding-relevant cells in a neural ensemble by weight pruningMonday297HERFURTHTimDownload
Detection of false data injection in transport systems using Machine LearningMonday236CHEVROTAntoine
Development of a trusted home tutoring system using reinforcement learning for home care of patientsWednesday332NAEEMMuddasar
Document Processing with Insurance DocumentsWednesday545KARTHIGESUDinojanDownload
Document Processing with Insurance DocumentsWednesday598SERREKévinDownload
Donor selection for semi-parametric multiple imputationMonday336PÖHLMANNAnnaDownload
Drone trajectory control with learning based system identificationMonday250MAHÉAntoineDownload
ELF: Embedded Localisation of Features in pre-trained CNNMonday243BENBIHIAssiaDownload
Empirical Maximization of R-statistics in the Two-sample ProblemMonday237LIMNIOSMyrtoDownload
Energy Management for Microgrids: a Reinforcement Learning ApproachMonday246LEVENTTanguy
Entity Embedding Analogy for Implicit Link DiscoveryMonday177MIMOUNINadaDownload
EpiSmokEr: An Epigenetic Smoking status EstimatorMonday234BOLLEPALLISailalithaDownload
Estimating heterogeneous treatment effects to inform targeting of national health insurance programmesWednesday574DIAZORDAZKarlaDownload
EXAD: A System for Explainable Anomaly Detection on Big Data TracesWednesday695SONGFei
Exploring invariant causal prediction for sequential data in renewable energy productionWednesday366CARDONA-ALZATENestor
External validation and characterisation of glioblastoma (GBM) cancer subtypes using a survival based Bayesian clustering (SBC) modelWednesday493DUITAMACamilaDownload
Extracting customer habits with semi-supervised learningWednesday394FAUQUEMBERGUEJean
Fast clustering methods for massive datasets: application to metagenomicsMonday331PROSTVincent
Fast Computation of Betweenness Centrality to Locate Vulnerabilities in Very Large NetworksMonday165DANIELCecileDownload
Fault diagnosis in FTTH networks and servicesWednesday586ECHRAIBIAmineDownload
Fault injection and anomaly detection in cloud networks Wednesday479ELMAJEDArij
First-principles investigation of the adsorption of carbon dioxide, carbon mono-oxide and oxygen on CsPbX3 (X=Cl, Br, I) surfacesWednesday583MISHRAArpitDownload
FlowCat: Automated classification of B-cell lymphoma subtypesMonday35MALLESHNandithaDownload
Functional Isolation ForestMonday328STAERMANGuillaume
Hedging option contracts with locally weighted regression, functional data analysis, and Markov chain Monte Carlo techniquesWednesday517JUN KIMJae YunDownload
Heritability, polygenic risk scoring, and TWAS analyses for esophageal cancerMonday25BORISOVOlegDownload
Higher order correlation functions in CosmologyWednesday425RIZZATOMatteoDownload
How neural network helps to find sunspots and coronal holesMonday254ILLARIONOVEgorDownload
How to make AI real for businessMonday257CANOVASCedric
Identification of diabetes-related distress patterns based on social media data using artificial intelligence methodsMonday112AHNEAdrianDownload
Impact of data uncertainty on the performance of a demand response program in the smart gridsWednesday523AZARIDelaram
Implementing a fund of fund strategy using machine learning classifiersMonday36VANDERHAEGHENCyril
Improved Discriminant Analysis Classifiers based on Spiked ModelMonday15SIFAOUHoussemDownload
In silico indication discovery using deep learning for noise reductionMonday102HARTLDominikDownload
Influence Maximization via Representation LearningMonday330PANAGOPOULOSGeorgiosDownload
Information Cohomology methods for learning the statistical structures of dataWednesday426BAUDOTPierreDownload
Inverse modeling of geological foldsMonday53GROSELachlan
IoT and Machine Learning for automated COM-B profiling: sedentary behaviour usecaseMonday346SIMOSKIBojanDownload
Large-Scale Causal Inference of Gene Regulatory RelationshipsWednesday362BUCURIoan GabrielDownload
Learn-As-You-Fly (LAYF): A Distributed Algorithm for Joint 3D Placement and User Association in Multi-UAVs NetworksWednesday505EL HAMMOUTIHajarDownload
Learning from a Tiny Dataset of Manual Annotations: a Teacher/Student Approach For Surgical Phase RecognitionWednesday405YUTongDownload
Learning from examples and domain models in the internet of thingsMonday290HAMIDIMassinissaDownload
Learning Optimal Hedging for OptionsMonday47CARREIRAMarcosDownload
Learning the causal graph structure of financial marketsWednesday634GRIVEAU-BILLIONThéophileDownload
Linguistic Aspects of Fictitious Product ReviewsWednesday565GORDELIYIvanDownload
Links between sensitivity analysis and intelligibility of machine learningWednesday521BOUSQUETNicolas
Local optimal transport for functional brain template estimationWednesday605BAZEILLEThomas
Log Analysis via Space-Time Pattern MatchingWednesday473SALAÜNAchille
Machine learning approach to infer breast cancer networks from heterogeneous dataWednesday447DA CÂMARA RIBEIRO-DANTASMarcelDownload
Machine Learning for Earth and Space ObservationMonday206FENWICKRoseDownload
Machine learning methods to improve and automate the creation of advertising formatsMonday153CARLETTORomain
Machine learning models for predicting preterm birthWednesday423GARCÍA OCAÑAInmaculadaDownload
Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms for Bayesian 3D reconstruction of micromolecular assembliesMonday105VAKILINima
MCMC methods applied to the reconstruction of the autumn 2017 Ru atmospheric contamination source termMonday33DUMONT LE BRAZIDECJoffreyDownload
Memory Effects in Metaplastic Binarized Neural NetworksWednesday440LABORIEUXAxelDownload
Memory Strategies in Hopfield Networks with Evolving Patterns Wednesday562SCHNAACKOskar
Meta-Reinforcement Learning for Adaptive Autonomous DrivingWednesday552JAAFRAYesminaDownload
Missing data and variational auto-encoders: a case studyMonday172BERTRANDFrederic
MRI Biomarker Discovery for SchizophreniaWednesday514WUNDERLICHStephan
Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for CompetitionWednesday367LAHLOUAicha
Multi-label classification for healthcare applicationsMonday300DOUIBIKhalida
Multi-task Deep Learning based Environment and Mobility Detection for User Behavior ModelingMonday325SAFFARIllyyneDownload
Multivariate Hawkes processes – application to an insurance companyMonday118LESAGELaurentDownload
NDR: Noise & Dimensionality Reduction of CSI for Indoor positioningWednesday494SOBEHYAbdallahDownload
Object Detection with Embedded Machine LearningWednesday506YANGXuecanDownload
On machine learning methods for the estimation of conditional Kendall's tauWednesday374DERUMIGNYAlexisDownload
On Stochastic Primal Dual AlgorithmsWednesday604SALIMAdil
On Topology Evolution of Temporal NetworksMonday316WUChangminDownload
Online Contextual Bandits in e-commerce domainMonday221BAHYLJakubDownload
Optimal Matrix Momentum Stochastic Approximation and Applications to Q-learningMonday478BUSICAna
PAC-Bayes Generalization Bounds: from theory to experimentWednesday656BAYLEPierreDownload
PC algorithm with consistent separating setsWednesday403LIHonghaoDownload
Physical models of the brain - From theory to neural substratesMonday359DOLDDominikDownload
Plant Phenotyping with Deep Learning in real world environmentWednesday456DAVIDEtienneDownload
Predictive Maintenance as a Service (PreMaaS)Monday239MEIRAJorgeDownload
Predictive Modelling using Electronic Health RecordsWednesday606ASHFAQAwaisDownload
Probabilistic models for conformational changes in protein structuresWednesday422NGUYENThachDownload
Process model-based classification for event log dataMonday276DE OLIVEIRAHugoDownload
Profiling eating trajectories of students using university canteens during their master coursesWednesday576LORENZONIValentinaDownload
Recommender Systems for Orienteering ProblemsWednesday671TSIRTSISStratisDownload
Recurrent Neural Networks for Stochastic Control in Real-Time BiddingWednesday372GRISLAINNicolas
Recurrent Neural Networks in Forecasting S&P 500 IndexMonday159EDETSamuelDownload
Robust face identification by means of optical correlation and deep learningWednesday437SAUMARDMatthieuDownload
Semi-Supervised Dictionary Learning with Graph Regularized and Active Points Monday311TRANHungDownload
Sentiment Analysis Model Based-CNN and extended transition-based Medical Concepts RecognitionMonday130GRISSETTEHananeDownload
Sparse multi-task regression with Optimal TransportMonday138JANATIHicham
Sports Data ScienceWednesday616SILVAClaudio
Square Root Sigma Point Kalman Filter Based Dynamic State Estimators in Complex Power SystemsWednesday501FANXinqi
Stochastic Distributed Learning with Gradient Quantization and Variance ReductionWednesday608KOVALEVDmitryDownload
Structural geology with drones and big-data: an example from Volcán TaburienteMonday52THIELESam
Terminologies augmented recurrent neural network for clinical named entity recognitionWednesday487LERNERIvanDownload
The arrow of time in humans and machinesMonday326MEDINGKristof
The effect of land degradation on carbon emissionsMonday69NAIPALVictoria
The signature method for data streamsWednesday363FERMANIANAdelineDownload
Tick a machine learning library for Python 3Monday142DEEGANPhilip
Towards Explainable Neural-Symbolic Visual ReasoningWednesday407BENNETOTAdrienDownload
Understanding societal well-being through the eyes of the news world mediaWednesday543VOUKELATOUVasilikiDownload
Unsupervised Anomaly Detection for Cyber-Physical SystemsMonday349AUDIBERTJulienDownload
Using Text and Image for Topic Detection on TwitterWednesday594MAZOYERBéatriceDownload
Validating the Joint Posterior Approximations provided by INLAMonday205CHIUCHIOLOCristianDownload
Variational Methods for Image Denoising with Automatic Edge DetectionMonday222
Variational Methods for image denoising with automatic segment detectionMonday222BELZSandro
Video Classification Methods under the Context of Forced OscillationMonday95NGUYENLuong PhatDownload
What Happens If Neurons Crash?Wednesday481VOLODINSergeiDownload